Wednesday, March 26, 2014

That Time My Cat Died, I Got Shingles and Lost My Job . . . . In The Same Week.

They say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, well I must be Super Woman.  

Let me start out by saying that it we spent a wonderful week in Worcester, MA for my birthday with our best friends.  We know this guy that drives this big truck called Grave Digger, maybe you've heard of it?  The show was coming within a few hours of us, so we decided to drive down and make a weekend of it.  You see, this guy, he's married to my best friend Denise and he was bringing her with him :)
Even though I was feeling a little off, I was still up to my usual shenanigans.

I had been having these really strange pains in my left leg.  We had had a pretty intense Body Blast class then Zumba after, so I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle.  Sunday night, I had these bumps break out on my foot.  My first thought, I just spent $150 a night to get freaking bed bugs!!!!  So, I did what any normal person would do, I texted a pic of my foot to anyone who would take a look and went on WebMd to see what kind of disease I had!!!

With bed bugs ruled out, I thought it best I go to the Dr's before my leg fell off.  The pain was getting worse and I was overall just feeling really lousy.

So here I am in the exam room when the Dr says, I just want to have someone else take a look at this.  What? OMG I have a flesh eating disease??!!  In comes in another Dr and a nursing student "because when funny looking rashes come in we all want to look".  Awesome.  After some prodding, they decide its shingles.  Say what?  I am 34!  Am I not too young.  She says, do you have a lot of stress?  Um . . . 
Out the door I go, prescription in hand.

I had already made the appointment to have our kitty put to sleep for later that day.  He was 16 and slowly failing.  It was a hard decision to make, but I felt worse making him suffer just to avoid the heartache.

On Wednesday, I took the day off of work, because you know, we have sick days for things like sickness.  On Thursday morning, my boss let me go.  I had been there twelve years.  On Friday, I spent the whole day crying . . . and the three days after that.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here we Go Again!

Here I am again, back on the weight loss bandwagon.  
I seem to fall off it a lot!

This time I've gotten myself a couple tools that I hope will help!

First~ I've rejoined Weight Watchers.  It's really been my most successful tool in the past.

Second~ I've got this little number after seeing it on this Blog
(She's awesome BTW!)

BodyMedia Fit Core Armband On Body Wellness Monitor, White

My strategy is to eat mostly clean food and get my @ss moving!!

I'm also going to hold myself accountable my sharing my progress here :)  Or lack thereof!  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Losing those Holiday Pounds

The Holidays are full of parties, food and fun!  Sadly, that can add up to some added weight around my hips. 
Time to call in The Diet Doc!! 
“Diet Doc hCG Diet offers a clinically superior weight loss program. Our hCG Diet is specifically planned to fight obesity, which is a serious health issue. The worldwide studies on disease, illness, and life span longevity related to obesity are alarming. Obesity is fast becoming an epidemic.”
From Their Website:
“Diet Doc also makes fabulous weight loss bars, shakes , “fatless” cooking oil and salad dressings that are perfectly formulated for the hCG diet.  The Diet Doc food is so tasty that you’ll enjoy our food even if you’re on another weight loss diet or are not dieting at all.
You might be asking, “What is the hCG diet?”  The hCG diet was initially created over 60 years ago by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons where hi s patients achieved rapid weight loss when the human-produced hCG hormone was given in a low dose, coupled with a 500 calories per day diet.  Diet Doc is the only modern day version of the hCG weight loss diet.  The doctors at Diet Doc took the original Dr. Simeons’ hCG diet protocol and updated it to one where dieters consume no less than 800 calories per day in conjunction with prescription level hCG injections or sublingual tablets.  Each dieter also consumes hCG diet foods, weight loss shakes and weight loss oil specifically created for an hCG diet.
The Diet Doc weight loss program is a medical weight loss diet program in which each person receives a comprehensive medical review of his/her health history to make sure that they are a good candidate for the Diet Doc diet”
You can read more about The Diet Doc program here.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time to Buckle Down

It's time to get serious about weight loss.  All of my excuses about why I can't do it, are not valid reasons.
I'd never really had a "weight problem" until after I had my babies.  We can blame it on that, the fact that when I had my babies I was older and maybe my metabolism had slowed down?
Either way, it's TIME for a change!!

Let me tell you about the new Progresso Light Soups!  They are the perfect lunchtime option for me while I'm trying to lose weight.  I recently tried the Creamy Potato with Bacon and Cheese and let me tell you, it was good!!  It has 100 calories per serving.
Progresso offers a wide variety of lower calorie soups, with Winter coming, I will be trying more of them!

  • These two new Progresso Light creamy soups are joining the lineup of more than 40 flavorful soups that are 100 calories or less per serving
  • These Weight Watchers® endorsed soups have 100 calories and a 2 PointsPlus® value per serving
  • The Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese variety boasts pieces of potato with savory bacon and rich cheese flavor
  • The Chicken Pot Pie Style variety exudes a home-style essence with cuts of white-meat chicken, hearty potatoes and classic vegetables
*Light Chicken Pot Pie Style:  At least 33% fewer calories than regular ready-to-serve soups.  Light Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese:  50% fewer calories than the leading potato, cheese, and bacon ready-to serve soup.   See nutrition information for sodium content.

Want to win a Progresso Gift pack?????

Included : 2 Cans of Progresso Light soup
                1 Soup Mug
                1 Lunch Tote
                1 Water bottle

This is going to be a short giveaway!!! 
You can also print a coupon here!!!

Disclosure: I received a free Progresso Light Creamy Soup package. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own. The coupons, information, and gift packs have been provided by Progresso® through MyBlogSpark.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Curly Girl!

I love all things girly!!  Pink, sparkles, ruffles and especially 
make up!!  I love all of it.  

One thing that I've never really had much experience with is curling my lashes!  It's a little intimidating to say the least.  Do you have that problem?

Well thanks to the people over at Lancome, they've made it much easier!!!  They've come up with Le Curler!

Lancome's latest innovation for instant lift and lasting curl. It's easy to use with it's no-slip grip so you won't be pinching and pulling, plus it has some nice silicone pads to prevent breaking! Pretty cool!

Check out this video of a first time Curly Girl!
So easy and the effect is amazing!!

You can check out more Curly Girl stories at Lancomes Facebook page or share your own!!

So tell me, do you curl your lashes?