Monday, February 6, 2012

Awesome App!

I like to drink wine every now and then.  However, when it comes to what you should drink with what food, I wouldn't be able to tell you!  

There's this awesome new app from Brancott Estate, a winery based out of New Zealand, called "Worlds Most Curious Bottle", that can help with that! 

Brancott Estates, has started putting QR codes on all their wine bottles, so all you have to do is, download the app to your smartphone, then scan the code on the bottle. 

Imagine that you're in the grocery store, bottle of wine in hand, and have no idea what to make for that special person for dinner.  Just scan the bottle!! The app will then suggest food pairings and other information about the winery.  You can even take a virtual tour!!  Pretty cool right?

To download the Apple Version:

The Android version:

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